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Tooton Tutors is an online tutorial service, hosted by Anthony M. Tooton, which provides one-on-one tutorials, via Skype, for clients interested in improving their English or getting consultation in the areas of Film/ Video/ Media & Podcasting.

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Media Tutoring

Film/ Video/ Podcasting

Anthony M. Tooton is a filmmaker/ media developer and podcaster currently completing a feature documentary film about his family and the photographic industry - with generous support from the National Film Board of Canada. With a wealth of experience in the film/ video and media industries Tooton would like to help you take your project (no matter the size, scope, or format) from concept to completion - through one-on-one Skype online tutorial sessions.

Whether it is questions to do with scripting, budgeting, cameras and equipment, editing or finding novel ways to reach an audience through distribution, Tooton can help you achieve your goals and fine tune your overall approach toward creating a successful project.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to meeting and working with you, on all levels.

English Tutoring

Anthony M. Tooton has been tutoring English online for quite sometime and has developed a passion for helping individuals become more proficient in the English language, no matter their present skill level. Whether it is basic conversational English, increasing one’s vocabulary, comprehension, pronunciation or preparing for the IELTS and TOEFL exams, Tooton has specific, proven and effective techniques, which he will share and can be employed to help you. Tooton utilizes a perfectly prepared, casual and easy going approach which challenges you just enough to enhance your skills.

Contact us to enquire about one-on-one private Skype tutorial packages - guaranteed to help you improve your overall English.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting and working with you, no matter your current skill level.


Tooton Tutors offers one hour consultations along with four, eight and twelve hour packages. Please inquire for specific pricing.


Tooton Tutors offers competitive pricing to ensure each and every minute counts.

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